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Cladonia nipponica Asahina

Data Set Maintenance: Data set standard item. Data set author(s): Brodo I. & Ahti T. (96-12-10). Data set to be published after submission; 96-12-10.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted or basionymous. Taxonomic rank: species. Cladonia. Cladoniaceae Zenker (1827).

Taxonomic Literature: Taxonomic notes: not on QCI but to be expected; based on Ahti 1973. Ahti, T., Ann. Bot. Fennici 10: 163-184 (1973); Brodo I.M. & Ahti T., Can. J. Bot. 74: 1147-1180 (1996).

Ecology: Terricolous; growing sun-exposed or partially shaded; substrate non-calciferous.

Thallus: Branches caespitose. Primary Thallus: Evanescent. Secondary Thallus: Present, of indeterminate growth; stipe 40-100 mm high, 2-8 mm wide, lime green, homogeneously coloured, corticate, with longitudinally split or perforated (repeatedly) wall, 200-400 µm thick. Upper Surface: Smooth, byssoid (fibrous).

Reproduction Strategy: Only known as sterile, asexually reproducing form.

Secondary Metabolites: Psoromic acid and usnic acid, of the following substance class(es): ß-orcinol depsidones.

Spot Tests: Upper surface: K – (negative), C –, + deep yellow, or + orange, PD + yellow (at tips of branches).

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