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Anaptychia: C E R U
Buellia: A D G I
Culbersonia: N
Heterodermia: A C E G H J L N O P R S T
Hyperphyscia: A P S
Phaeophyscia: A C D E F H I K L M N O P R S T
Physcia: A B C D E H I N P R S T U V
Physciaceae: T
Physconia: A C D E F G I L M P T
Pyxine: C M P S
Rinodina: A B C E G I J L S
Tornabea: S

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Anaptychia ciliaris (L.) Körb.

Anaptychia elbursiana (Szatala) Poelt

Anaptychia runcinata (With.) J. R. Laundon

Anaptychia ulortichoides (Vain.) Vain.

Buellia aethalea (Ach.) Th. Fr. (1874)

Buellia disciformis (Fr.) Mudd, 1861

Buellia griseovirens (Turner & Borrer ex Sm.) Almb.

Buellia insignis (Nägeli ex Hepp) Th. Fr.

Culbersonia nubila (Moberg) Essl.

Heterodermia albicans (Pers.) Swinscow & Krog

Heterodermia appalachensis (Kurok.) W. L. Culb.

Heterodermia ciliatomarginata (Linder) Essl.

Heterodermia comosa (Eschw.) Follmann & Redón

Heterodermia erinacea (Ach.) W. A. Weber

Heterodermia granulifera (Ach.) W. L. Culb.

Heterodermia hypoleuca (Ach.) Trevis.

Heterodermia japonica (M. Satô) Swinscow & Krog

Heterodermia leucomela (L.) Poelt

Heterodermia linearis Moberg & T. H. Nash

Heterodermia namaquana Brusse

Heterodermia obscurata (Nyl.) Trevis.

Heterodermia podocarpa (Bél) D. D. Awasthi

Heterodermia pseudospeciosa (Kurok.) W. L. Culb.

Heterodermia rugulosa (Kurok.) Trass

Heterodermia spathulifera Moberg & Purvis

Heterodermia speciosa (Wulfen) Trevis.

Heterodermia tropica (Kurok.) Kurok.

Hyperphyscia adglutinata (Flörke) H. Mayrhofer & Poelt

Hyperphyscia pandani (H. Magn.) Moberg

Hyperphyscia syncolla (Tuck. ex Nyl.) Kalb

Phaeophyscia adiastola (Essl.) Essl.

Phaeophyscia chloantha (Ach.) Moberg

Phaeophyscia ciliata (Hoffm.) Moberg
Phaeophyscia confusa Moberg
Phaeophyscia constipata (Norrl. & Nyl.) Moberg

Phaeophyscia denigrata (Hue) Moberg

Phaeophyscia endococcina (Körb.) Moberg var. endococcina

Phaeophyscia endococcina var. endococcinodes (Poelt) Moberg
Phaeophyscia endophoenicea (Harm.) Moberg

Phaeophyscia fumosa Moberg

Phaeophyscia hirsuta (Mereschk.) Essl.

Phaeophyscia hirtella Essl.
Phaeophyscia hirtuosa (Kremp.) Essl.
Phaeophyscia hispidula (Ach.) Moberg var. hispidula
Phaeophyscia hispidula var. exornatula (Zahlbr.) Moberg

Phaeophyscia insignis (Mereschk.) Moberg

Phaeophyscia kairamoi (Vain.) Moberg

Phaeophyscia laciniata Essl.

Phaeophyscia leana (Tuck.) Essl.

Phaeophyscia melanchra (Hue) Hale

Phaeophyscia nigricans (Flörke) Moberg

Phaeophyscia orbicularis (Neck.) Moberg

Phaeophyscia poeltii (Frey) Nimis

Phaeophyscia primaria (Poelt) Trass
Phaeophyscia pyrrhophora (Poelt) D. D. Awasthi & M. Joshi

Phaeophyscia rubropulchra (Degel.) Essl.

Phaeophyscia sciastra (Ach.) Moberg

Phaeophyscia squarrosa Kashiw.

Phaeophyscia trichophora (Hue) Essl.

Physcia adscendens (Fr.) H. Olivier

Physcia aipolia (Ehrh. ex Humb.) Fürnr.
Physcia alba (Fée) Müll. Arg.

Physcia biziana (A. Massal.) Zahlbr.

Physcia caesia (Hoffm.) Fürnr.

Physcia cinerea Moberg
Physcia clementei (Sm.) Lynge
Physcia convexa Müll. Arg.
Physcia convexella Moberg
Physcia crispa Nyl.

Physcia dimidiata (Arnold) Nyl.

Physcia dubia (Hoffm.) Lettau

Physcia erumpens Moberg

Physcia halei J. W. Thomson

Physcia integrata Nyl.

Physcia nashii Moberg

Physcia neglecta Moberg

Physcia phaea (Tuck.) J. W. Thomson

Physcia poncinsii Hue
Physcia pseudospeciosa J. W. Thomson

Physcia rolfii Moberg

Physcia sinuosa Moberg

Physcia sorediosa (Vain.) Lynge
Physcia stellaris (L.) Nyl.

Physcia tenellula Moberg

Physcia tetriachii Moberg
Physcia tribacia (Ach.) Nyl.

Physcia undulata Moberg

Physcia villosula Moberg

Physciaceae template_ 02a-c

Physciaceae template_01a
Physciaceae template_02a
Physciaceae template_02b
Physciaceae template_02c
Physciaceae template_03a
Physciaceae template_03b
Physciaceae template_03c

Physconia americana Essl.

Physconia californica Essl.

Physconia detersa (Nyl.) Poelt

Physconia distorta (With.) J. R. Laundon

Physconia elegantula Essl.

Physconia enteroxantha (Nyl.) Poelt

Physconia fallax Essl.

Physconia grisea (Lam.) Poelt

Physconia isidiigera (Zahlbr.) Essl.

Physconia isidiomuscigena Essl.

Physconia leucoleiptes (Tuck.) Essl.

Physconia muscigena (Ach.) Poelt

Physconia perisidiosa (Erichsen) Moberg

Physconia template_01

Pyxine cocoës (Sw.) Nyl.

Pyxine mexicana Kalb

Pyxine petricola Nyl.

Pyxine pyxinoides (Müll. Arg.) Kalb

Pyxine sorediata (Ach.) Mont.

Pyxine subcinerea Stirt.

Rinodina athallina H. Magn.

Rinodina aurantiaca Sheard

Rinodina badiexcipula Sheard

Rinodina bischoffii (Hepp) A. Massal.
Rinodina bolanderi H. Magn.
Rinodina boulderensis Sheard

Rinodina caesiocinerea Sheard

Rinodina californiensis Sheard
Rinodina capensis Hampe
Rinodina castanomela (Nyl.) Arnold
Rinodina coloradiana H. Magn.
Rinodina confragosa (Ach.) Körb.

Rinodina endospora Sheard

Rinodina grandilocularis Sheard

Rinodina innata Sheard

Rinodina juniperina Sheard

Rinodina lignicola Sheard

Rinodina santae-monicae H. Magn.

Tornabea scutellifera (With.) J. R. Laundon

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